Simgun | T-Shock
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Our T-Shock system is another step towards realistic training/exercise and is available for all Body Central Units. Nothing makes tactical training/exercise seem more realistic than the fear of the impact of a hit.

If the user is hit, the T-shock system simulates the hit and also the degree of injury. Both are represented differently by changing local muscle contraction. From the moment of the first hit, the user’s freedom of action is impaired. The user can limit the intensity of the muscle contraction individually and independently within 10 stored levels.

For local muscle stimulation, the pads are applied directly to the skin. The user has the option of using 2 or 4 pads. Pads are available on the market in different sizes.

However, one can also opt for our Armlet, which can be quickly and easily applied to the upper arm.



Main features:

  • 10 individually adjustable muscle stimulation levels
  • Indicates different levels of injury
  • Can be used with standard pads or an armlet
  • Has the necessary certifications