Simgun | Company
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Welcome to SIMGUN

Laser duel simulators have been used in the military field for more than 30 years. The basic idea: realistic range, accurate hit detection and detailed evaluation capabilities as prerequisites for training where trainees learn for passing the situation.


With SIMGUN, law enforcement agencies are equipped with state-of-the-art technology. Our products are used by police forces, special forces and the military in all levels of training.


From short-range CQB situations to sniper operations at 1000 m – with SIMGUN, every type of training exercise can be conducted indoors and outdoors.


Our goal is to create innovative solutions for the user and to respond to customer-specific wishes in order to achieve the highest possible result together.


Through local muscle stimulation, the SIMGUN T-Shock system simulates single or multiple hits, as well as neutralisation and furthermore the degree of injury.


Our versatile product range is the result of consistent further development and our striving for the optimum. All new components are modular and can also be retrofitted to already procured systems if required.


SIMGUN is the complete solution for effective and realistic training including live evaluation and AAR (“after action review”) option.


We are an Austrian company that manufactures professional duel simulators and simulation weapons in Europe. These are highly precise, efficient, expandable at any time, uncomplicated to use and inexpensive. We offer the complete solution of equipment for effective and realistic training.


Our goal is to create innovative solutions for the user, to respond to customer-specific wishes and to achieve the best together.