Simgun | System
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The Technology

The military has been using Laser Duel Simulators for over 30 years to provide realistic training situations and tactical education. The basic idea: realistic shooting range, exact hit detection and detailed evaluation. These are the prerequisites for training which teaches life and survival skills. TRAIN AS YOU FIGHT – maximum realism with SIMGUN for the best possible training effect.

  • High range

    Thanks to special laser technologies, SIMGUN can achieve a range of over 1,000 meters.

  • For CQB & Sniper situations

    SIMGUN can be used for both CQB/ close quarter combat, as well as situations where snipers are used.

  • Flexibly programming

    SIMGUN can be programmed flexibly: the integrated virtual life energy can be adjusted. The training leaders decide how many hits will cause a drop out.

  • Laser Unit Easy to attach

    SIMGUN fits all modern weapons with a rail. The laser unit is easy and fast to attach to all Picantinny above MIL-STD-1913.

  • head or body hits

    SIMGUN can differentiate between head and body hits. When a trainee/player drops out, it is registered via blinking LEDs, vibration on the vest and a beep. Additionally, the laser is turned off, and it is no longer possible to shoot. The blocking unit, an optional add-on, can additionally turn off the AEG (airsoft gun), in order to ensure even more realism.

  • Pistole

    3 Laser Units per person

    SIMGUN enables the use of more than one weapon per man and training session. Every trainee can use up to three laser units. These offer numerous settings, for example the virtual magazine size and firepower. If AEGs are used in training, the blocking unit turns the weapon off when the magazine is empty.

  • Wireless system

    SIMGUN does not require any annoying cables. All the system components are connected via a wireless system.

SIMGUN offers equipment made from high-quality materials, newest technologies and solutions. We have developed a system with a lot of passion in order to offer total perfection. All the equipment is developed and manufactured in Europe.


Does SIMGUN use LED or LASER technology?

SIMGUN uses real LASER-Technology. SIMGUN is the only Tactical-Training-System for private use based on state of the art military LASER-Technology.

Are there any risks in using this LASER-Technology?

NO! The LASER-Technology used is LASER CLASS 1. This means no risk at any time and no need to wear protective glasses.

Does using SIMGUN lasers conflict with German Weapons legislation?

No. We applied for an audit from the German BKA (Federal Chancellery), which was answered positively. Therefore the SIMGUN system and laser units (including set-up laser) are COMPLETELY legal in Germany.

Does strong sunlight affect range or hit accuracy?

No. Other systems may have problems with that. SIMGUN is not affected by sunlight or other interfering light in any way.

Is SIMGUN still very accurate on long range shots?

YES. This is one of the main benefits of its patented laser technology.

How does the Blocking Unit work?

The Blocking Unit is for battery operated Airsoft Guns only. It deactivates the power supply of the ASG immediately after a “kill”. Further, the Blocking Unit deactivates the ASG after the adjusted magazine size runs empty.

How does the virtual magazine change works?

If the magazine is empty (magazine sizes are adjustable on the Laser Unit), just push the button on the top of the Laser Unit. The magazine will reload in 5 secs. If sensors have been built into the ASG, then it is necessary to remove the magazine, reinsert and reload. For more details, take a look at our video about the Blocking Unit.

Is SIMGUN a high quality product?

YES. SIMGUN is manufactured in Austria and only uses high quality materials. SIMGUN was specially developed for outdoor use and functions in all weather conditions, whether it’s rain, ice or snow. We know that there are a lot of discussions on various forums on the internet regarding lasers, laser classes, accuracy, etc. Unfortunately, a lot of the information is inaccurate. If you have questions regarding SIMGUN and its performance, please get in touch and ask us.

Further questions?

If you have further questions regarding SIMGUN systems, please email us: