Simgun | System
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The Technology

Laser duel simulators have been used in the military field for more than 30 years. We have perfected our product to such an extent that it is precise, multifunctional and can be used quickly and is also easy to operate. Due to the technology used and our know how, we offer a system that enables a very realistic and location-independent training.

  • High range

    The Laser Unit Rifle has an operational distance of up to 1,000 metres.

  • Application possibilities

    The system is suitable for practically all special operational situations in exercises. Technical as well as tactical training/education can be carried out.

  • Flexibly adjustable

    Up to 4 different hit zones are possible per user. The number of hits that lead to neutralisation can be stored.

  • Attaching the receiving units

    The receiver units can be adapted to a Molle loop system and can also be worn on all civilian clothing. The head unit is worn on the tactical helmet or cap.

  • Hit indication

    Hits are indicated visually, acoustically and haptically. Individual functions can be switched on and off. With the T-Shock system, hits, degree of injury and neutralisation are displayed differently by means of local muscle contraction.

  • Pistole

    Attaching the transmitter units

    Several laser units can be used per user. The transmitter units can be quickly and easily mounted on any picantinny according to MIL-STD-1913.

  • Wireless connection

    All transmitting and receiving units communicate with each other by radio.

SIMGUN components are developed and manufactured exclusively in Austria and Europe. We use the latest technologies and are constantly expanding our product range. We also manufacture customised solutions at extra cost.


Does SIMGUN use LED or LASER technology?

Laser technology is used.

Are there any risks in using this LASER-Technology?

No. The laser is laser class 1 certified.

Does strong sunlight affect range or hit accuracy?

No. Other systems may have more difficulties with direct sunlight. The SIMGUN system, on the other hand, is practically insensitive to strong sunlight.

Is SIMGUN still accurate on long range shots?

Yes, because of the laser technology we use, we are far more accurate than our competitors.

Is SIMGUN a high quality product?

The components are produced in Austria and within the EU. SIMGUN was developed and manufactured specifically for outdoor use.

Further questions?

We will be happy to answer your questions: