Simgun | Simgun Laser-Unit
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Simgun Laser-Unit

The SIMGUN Laser Unit makes the significant difference to other systems available on the market. It uses real infrared Laser technology which ensures precision that you not will find in other products. Range: 1.000 meters. SIMGUN suggests: try it and prepare to be impressed!


Of course, our Laser Unit is laser class I certified. It is not dangerous for your eyes, even in combination with binoculars, scopes etc. SIMGUN guarantees quality – Made in Germany.


An integrated microphone detects the “bang” from your gun and triggers the laser. Of course, it is possible to adjust the sensitivity and in the case of particularly quiet weapons, it can be placed directly in the barrel using an extension device. The Laser Unit fits on all standard rail mounts and is easy to assemble.


Our Dry fire Mode is easy as well as brilliant. Fire at the touch of a button. No matter if using a service weapon or in environments which don’t allow a real shot, or just using a Blue-Gun. The training remains realistic and effective.