Simgun | Simgun DS200 LDC System
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Simgun DS200 LDC System

The SIMGUN DS200 LDC System was developed to give you improved training and more action in your game. The high quality materials and ergonomic design are hard-wearing and guarantee wearing-comfort.


The SIMGUN DS200 LDC System offers all the important features that users expect from a high quality Tactical Training System. Ensures effective and cost-efficient Tactical training and MilSims. The package includes equipment for one man.


All game events are collected and transmitted to the Base Station. After a scenario, you can analyse your game ranking. You will immediately see how good you really are. The package includes equipment for one man.


The SIMGUN DS100 LDC Set includes:

  • 1 Body-Central-Unit
  • 1 Head-Unit (helmet or cap size)
  • 1 Laser-Unit
  • 1 Respawner



  • Easy to use and adjust to your personal settings
  • Extremely accurate from 0 to 1,000 meters
  • Robust outdoor product
  • Low energy consumption for long sessions
  • Not affected by strong sunlight
  • evaluation via long-range radio transmission
  • Collects all events and sends to the Base Station
  • Radio connection up to 10km with clear view
  • Who shot whom, when, where, how often etc.


* Base Station available separately


Simgun – How it works