Simgun | Simgun DS200 System
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Simgun DS200 System

The SIMGUN DS200 System was developed to give you improved training. The high quality materials and ergonomic design are hard-wearing and guarantee wearing-comfort.


The SIMGUN DS200 System offers all the important features that users expect from a high quality Tactical Training System. Ensures effective and cost-efficient Tactical training and MilSims. The package includes equipment for one man.


All events are collected and transmitted to the Base Station. At the end of each scenario, a ranking list is immediately made available. You will immediately see how good you really are.


The SIMGUN DS200 Set includes:

  • 1 Body-Central-Unit
  • 1 Head-Unit (helmet or cap size)
  • 1 Laser-Unit
  • 1 Respawner



  • Easy to use and adjust to your personal settings
  • Extremely accurate from 0 to 1,000 meters
  • Robust outdoor product
  • Low energy consumption for long sessions
  • Not affected by strong sunlight
  • evaluation via long-range radio transmission
  • Collects all events and sends to the Base Station
  • Radio connection up to 10km with clear view
  • Who shot whom, when, where, how often etc.


* Base Station available separately


Simgun – How it works