Simgun | Simgun Base-Station & Software
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Simgun Base-Station & Software

The Simgun Base Station is a Command & Control Unit which has permanent radio contact with all systems and monitors live.


It records all events during a training (hits, kills, etc.) when using the DS200 system. The data is displayed on the computer using the SIMGUN software. The Command & Control Unit allows a live data feed plus a standard AAR (after action review).


It is important to notice that the Command & Control Unit is an accessory tool for a large number of participants with the need of precise ARR. The Simgun DS200 principally works as well without the Command & Control Unit.



  • Life monitoring of all data live with permanent updates
  • Software guarantees total control
  • Real time event display
  • Complete evaluation on PC
  • Different modes for various scenarios
  • Friendly fire evaluation
  • Detailed hits and/or kill analysis by participant