Simgun | Respawner Stealth Mode (enable / disable)
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Respawner Stealth Mode (enable / disable)

Flashing status LEDs unintentionally reveal the position of a user in the dark. With the Respawner Stealth Mode, the status LEDs are switched on/off.

To do this, the respawner (enable or disable) is held against any sensor of a receiver unit – components listed under “Main features” – and the status LEDs are switched on/off with a short keystroke.


Main features:

  • A single respawner is available for each function (enable and disable).
  • The respawner stealth mode enable/disable is applied to the following components:
    • Body Central Unit Standard, Advanced and “Double H” (on all receiving units coupled to it, the status LEDs are automatically switched on or off).
    • If the head unit (helmet/cap) is used as a stand-alone component
    • K9
  • Requires 1 pcs. 2430 battery