Simgun | Respawner Aiming Guide Mode
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Respawner Aiming Guide Mode

Respawner Aiming Guide Mode activates the mode for adjusting the transmitting units (lasers). The transmitting units (lasers) coupled to the Body Central Unit are switched automatically.

To do this, the Respawner Aiming Guide Mode is held against any sensor of a receiver unit. Pressing the button briefly activates the mode for the adjustment.

The transmitting and receiving units affected by this are listed under the item “Main features”.


Main features:

  • Respawner Aiming Guide Mode is applied to the following receiving units:
    • Body Central Unit Standard,
    • Body Central Unit Advanced
    • Custom Body Central Unit “Double H”
  • Respawner Aiming Guide Mode is applied to the following transmitting units:
    • Laser Unit Pistol
    • Laser Unit Rifle
  • Requires 1pc 2430 battery