SIMGUN - You are the game

Leading Military are useing Laser Duel Simulators over 30 years for realistic training situations and tactical education. Since the early days, the technical possibilities move quiet fast, but the basic idea stayed the same. And this basics are realistic shooting range, exact hit detection and detailed evaluation.

Simgun is the first company worldwide, who deliver these kind of technology and qualitiy to the private market. For tactical training for professionals, private security companies, gamepark owners who like a high level of realistic feeling and also passionate MilSim Gamers.


High quality materials, up-to-date manufacturing and above all lots of heart and soul are behind our SIMGUN Systems. Owing to its laser class 1 technology, our SIMGUN system has a shooting range of over 400 meters. Thanks to the build in virtual live-energy you can choose  how many strikes lead to a kill. In addition, a distinction is whether it is a headshot or a bodyshot. If a kill is detedted the system shows it by light, vibration and sound and turns the Laser-Unit off. No  more shooting is possible. With the optional Blocking Unit your (AEG) Airsoft gun will be deactivated. The SIMGUN system does not have a cable network; all components are wireless and are connected via radio communication.

Would you like to use numerous guns in a fight? No problem! With SIMGUN you can use up to 3 different Laser-Units (guns). The SIMGUN laser fits to any standard commercial Weapon Rail Mount. With the integrated Red Dot Laser you can easily adapt your SIMGUN Laser Unit to your target device. Guns might have different magazine sizes, don't they? SIMGUN has the right solution! You can regulate the virtual magazine size at the Laser Unit directly through the switch. Perfection can be that easy!


SIMGUN legal in Germany!

The German BKA says that the SIMGUN Laser is an opto-electronic device and not a target laser.


SIMGUN is state of the art - everything else is nothing more than a toy

  •  Laser shooting range of over 400m
  • Exact "target-hit" identification and instant deactivation of the system at kill detected
  • Compatible with every Airsoft or Paintball gun
  • Adjustable virtual magazine size
  • Adjustable weapon type on Laser-Unit for different shooting power

  • virtual live-energy system
  • Each player can use up to 3 different Laser-Units (guns)




SIMGUN Body-Central-Unit
SIMGUN Head-Unit
SIMGUN Blocking-Unit
SIMGUN Tactical Vest
SIMGUN Basestation
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